Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Beginning (well, sort of...)

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my blog! I never thought I'd say that, haha...but I'm so happy to be here! :)

Gosh, I don't know where to start...I guess a little about me would be a good place... ;)

Okay so, I am a student who absolutely LOVES to write in her spare time (and in her not-spare time). In terms of writing, I am a "late bloomer" if you will: I only started writing this past April, and I've been in love with it ever since! I came across it when I was applying for a creative writing class I wanted to take. I figured that hopefully taking this class would be the most enjoyable way for me to get my school's English requirement out of the way. And then it happened: to my surprise, not only did I write my first story (only 4 pages I might add, but still a story nonethelesss), but I also got into the class! It was from then on that I really fell in love with writing.

So fast forward a couple of weeks: I started writing in my spare time, mainly trying to write books (which looking back now is VERY ambitious of me....no wonder those books are still unfinished ;)). But the cycle of starting books and not finishing them soon changed in the Summer of 2011, July 29th to be exact. That was the day I started the book I am currently looking to publish. Is it difficult and highly unlikely that I will ever get my first novel published? Of course! But all I can do is be optimistic about achieving my dream of getting it published, right? :)

Fast forward to mid-October (after editing, editing, and editing some more!): I was able to build up the courage (because I am a very shy person) to ask my creative writing teacher (an amazing author in his own right) if he could possibly help me figure out what the next step I should take should be. Being the awesome teacher that he is, and with the help of one of his friends also in the publishing industry, he was able to provide me with a list of editors I could send my work to. Excited as I was, I took two days to type the best email I could conjure up (including a synopsis of my work) and emailed the editors on that list. Only one responded to my email, and I am so blessed that he said he'd be happy to look my manuscript over! I'm a BIG believer in the saying "everything happens for a reason," so looking back on it I'm VERY happy that he is the only one that responded (I don't know what I would have done if that others responded, or what I'm going to do if they do respond sometime in the future to be honest, because they are all such AMAZING editors at top publishing companies).

Now here I am, November 8, 2011, waiting to see what this amazing editor thinks of my story, to see if my manuscript has any potential at all. I would be ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to get even the smallest of compliments from him, so I'm am definitely waiting on the edge of my seat for his email! But I think I still have at least another month or two to wait until he gets back to me, and I'm completely okay with that if it helps me get that much closer to achieving my dream in the future. :)

So that's all for now! Hopefully this helped you learn at least a little bit about me, and I'm sure there will be A LOT more to come! I'm really excited about this blog! :D

X <3 O


  1. I can relate to you a lot because I'm shy, I like to write, and I'm a late bloomer, definitely! Of course, I haven't sent my work out to anyone yet, because I'm still grasping onto the slim chance that I'll become a singer when I grow up, but writing's my backup. (I'm a huge idealist, by the way) Thanks for following my blog, I've followed yours and you strike me as the type of person who is an awesome writer! OMG WE COULD BE WRITING BUDDIES LOL! Haha, told you I'm an idealist. Anyway, awesome blog and looking forward to reading it!

  2. @Eileen
    YAY! My first follower!!! :D
    Thank you for following me!
    I LOVE to sing too, but unfortunately I don't have the confidence to really sing in front of people. I think it's AWESOME that you want to be a singer; it's so admirable and you strike me as the type of person who could definitely do it for a living if you work towards it! :)
    And thank you for the compliment! You literally made me LOL when I read the "WRITING BUDDIES" comment! WE TOTALLY SHOULD BE WRITING BUDDIES!!!!!!!!! Haha
    I look forward to reading your blog as well! :D

  3. I also have a shyness that doesn't allow me to sing that often, but I'm working on it. I'm so set on the fact that I will become a famous singer that I write my own songs, cover other people's songs (I even play the part by ear on the piano) even though I'm still working on recording them without showing my real appearance (Privacy's a big part in my life). And thanks for saying that I could do it for a living! And about the writing buddies thing, not only could we be writing buddies, we could do blog events together and be editors for each other's work and give suggestions to make each other's blogs and everything! Ooh! *Snaps fingers* We could even be e-mail pen-pals! (Yeah, I may freak you out a bit with the big ideas, but again, I'm more than just a little idealistic. :D)

  4. By the way, sorry I stopped following you my computer was having a spasm :(

  5. I think it's awesome that you are working towards overcoming that shyness! I hope you the succeed (no, I know that you will succeed!)! I have the same mind set about becoming a famous author; it really is difficult sometimes because the odds are so against you (like with becoming a famous singer), but you love it so much you want to do whatever it takes to reach your dream! Privacy's a big part of my life too!
    And you're absolutely welcome! I'd love to do blog events with you! I don't really know what those are...I'm still knew to the site, but it sounds cool! And helping each other out would also be great! HAHA I love your energy and ideas! :D

  6. And that's ok; it keeps saying you're following me one minute, then the next minute your not...very strange, but it's all good :)

  7. It would be awesome to get in touch via email soon and I can tell you all about Blogger and some events because using the comments section to talk about this gets tedious!

  8. And also, let's agree to never give out where we live or our age or anything we think is too personal for the sake of our privacy :)