Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!!!!! :D

Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my amazing followers!!!
Hope everyone is having an AMAZING day surrounded by family and friends :)

X <3 O


  1. Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Guess what? This is really random, but my blog's sort of a secret (SHH!) but the ironic thing is I posted in a post that it WAS a secret, and then my mom says that I can have a blog. Crazy, huh? Anyway, I hope you had an amazing day and have an awesome Black Friday! Are you going to be spending a lot of time shopping?

  2. That's so awesome Eileen!
    Yeah, my blog is kinda a secret too...but just for now....
    Thanks!!! I hope you had an awesome couple days too!
    I try to stay safe and sound in my house on Black Friday.... :)
    Did you go shopping?

  3. If you count going to your local library shopping, then yes, I did go shopping. If you don't count that as shopping, even though I think it is, minus the money, then I stayed home and did a lot of blogging. :) Yeah, I also tried to stay safe...especially since they said Black Friday sales went up...more sales means more people and that means more pushing in my opinion.