Sunday, September 15, 2013

What's the Word? Weekend #38

It's time for What's the Word? Weekend number thirty-eight!  :)

So let's take a look at this weekend's news:

The Bad News: 
Starting Monday (tomorrow), I'm going to have an 8:30 AM class twice a week ... and I am NOT a morning person ... :(
Other than that, no bad news. :)

The Good News:
 So I rewrote the second half of Zulu Tribe (well, parts of chapter 6 and then sections of chapters 9-11 to be exact) again. I know I said the last time I posted (on Wednesday) that I liked what I had changed during my last big edit, and I did ... but something still felt a bit off. So, I ended up changing some major plot points again and some of the ending again, this time in a way that was both new and a happy compromise to what I had before and after the big draft two edits. Anyway, I'm happy with it now, and there's nothing I want to change. And for the first time, I'm actually LOOKING FORWARD to going back and reading what I wrote (whereas last time I just kept putting it off and never felt like doing it).

The final word count (of what I like to call Draft Three) is 52,742 words!

So since I made so many more edits, I didn't get the first read through done this weekend as I had hoped. But now I feel more energized and determined than ever to read/edit Zulu Tribe whenever I get a chance.

In other news:
I've started up taekwondo again. And lucky me, I hurt my ankle on Saturday during sparring practice. I think a curse has been put on the first sparring practice of each new school year or something, because last year I seriously hurt my knee (and I still wear a knee brace when I workout because of it) during the first sparring practice back on September 22, 2012. I don't really know what I did to my ankle (I think I just kicked wrong, multiple times), but I'm really hoping it gets better fast, because tomorrow is the Free Practice for all the new members (ie mostly freshmen) to come join and get a feel for what our TKD team is all about ... and I want to participate. So wish me luck!

Well, that's all for this weekend folks! Until next time! :)

X <3 O
This is my year, this is my time, this is my now.

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