Sunday, September 21, 2014

What's the Word? Weekend #46

It's time for What's the Word? Weekend number forty-six!  :)

So let's take a look at this weekend's news:

The Bad News: 
No bad news that I can think of. :)

The Good News: 
I submitted to another publisher last week, which I'm really excited about. I'm not entirely sure, but from the research I've done on them, it looks like they either offer you a contract or offer a revise & resubmit when they respond to authors' submissions (of course, they may also reject some manuscripts for various reasons as well, such as it isn't the type of book they publish). I'm excited about this publisher because not only have some of their authors gone on to be bestselling authors, but there also seems to be a real community among the authors (they all seem to really support each other, as does the publisher itself). Now of course, I have no idea whether they will even like Rhyme And Reason, but I really hope that they do! Based on my research, it seems that the earliest they respond is in 9-10 days from submission, but they ask that authors wait until 8 weeks to inquiry about a submission (since you send them the entire manuscript plus a query and synopsis). Anyway, I don't know who (if anyone) will like my manuscript, but I think it'll be nice to hear from this publisher either way because at the end of the day I would love some feedback on my manuscript because I haven't really gotten any on it. So my fingers and toes are crossed, as usual!

In other news:
I'm still waiting to hear back from the publisher who asked me to fill out the interview last weekend. But I noticed that they had a fundraiser for thyroid cancer going on this weekend, and I think the editor is putting out the second book in her debut series any day now, so I'm sure they've been busy with those events.

Well, that's all for this weekend folks! Until next time! :)

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