Saturday, January 7, 2012

Working on a New Book!!! YAY!!!!! :D

Hey guys!

Just wanted to tell you all that I am working on a new book! I've decided to put the sequel of my first book on hold for now ... but I'm SURE that I'll go back to it one day!

But yeah, I'm REALLY excited about this new book. It's also written in first person, which I think I am a lot stronger at (while my other book that agents still have queries for is in third person). I also think that this book (let's call it, The Zerba Stripes, for now :) ) has a much more unique plot that my intended audience (young adult readers) will like. I'm about a third finished with it (I started it two days before Christmas), but I now have to go back and do some MAJOR editing of a few of the characters ... so it may be a while before I continue actually writing the storyline itself again.

I'm so happy to be able to share my happiness with you all! Hopefully this one will be a hit! And my fingers are still crossed for my first book ... there are still 8 query letters out there at the moment (but no request unfortunately).

X <3 O


  1. Following back! Congratulations on writing your new book! It takes so much courage and dedication to write thoughts to paper. I hope I can muster it all up one day. Looking forward to reading it. :)

  2. Thank you OH! Paper Pages!!!
    It really does take courage and dedication, so hopefully I don't lose that. I'm sure you'll be able to muster it up one day ... you just have to find it within yourself . I REALLY hope you can read it one day. :D

  3. Oh my gosh that's awesome! I bet it's awesome so far! I can't wait to see how that book turns out! Who knows? Maybe the book blogs that you're following will be reviewing it and giving out awesome ones!

  4. Thanks Eileen!
    Hopefully it turns out awesome enough for you to read it one day! It'd be so AMAZING if the book blogs I'm following reviewed it one day ... and I hope you'll review it too! :)

  5. I just started to reread your post and I saw YA audience and then I just jumped up and started talking to my brother—who had no idea what was going on—and saying, "This is going to be an awesome book. I just know it. You just wait, a year from now, that book's going to be in my review archives and have a full five!" :) Did I ever mention I scare my brother a lot with my random outbursts? ;)

    1. Hahaha that's so funny!!!!
      Yeah, it's definitely going to be for a teen/YA audience! I'm so excited about it! I'm about half-way done right now (once I start, it's hard for me to stop!). Haha hopefully you like it enough to give it a full five! :)
      And I just thought of some MAJOR edits to my plot that is going to make the book like 100 times better (which makes me REALLY REALLY excited and happy)!!!!!!!!!!!
      Thanks so much for your support Eileen! I can't tell you enough how much it means to me. I want nothing more than for the two of us to achieve our dreams (even if it's one small step at a time).
      Haha your poor brother! I hope that he'll be a fan of mine too (so hopefully you don't scare him away!). ;)

    2. My brother absolutely hates reading, which is funny because the rest of my family love it, so I think I've just scared him into never reading again...

      And there's always the fact that he refuses to read anything that I like to read, with the exception of Harry Potter, since I'm into fantasy, romance, paranormal, dystopian, etc. :)

    3. Haha I didn't like to read that much when I was little kid. Aw, your poor brother.

      I'm into the same genres that you're into :)