Sunday, February 12, 2012

What's the Word? Weekend #3

Hey guys!

(2/28/12: created by Eileen at ***Singing and Reading in the Rain***)

So this week I've been SOOO busy with school because the new semester just started up, so I haven't had that much time to edit The Zebra Stripes; I've gotten through about 100 pages, which isn't too bad (considering it's like a 400 page book). Hopefully I have more time this week, but it doesn't seem like I will; I have SOOO much going on besides the enormous workload I have with school. But hopefully I get into a rhythm and these next 12 or so weeks of school fly by. :)

And on a side note, tonight (well, right now actually) is the Grammy awards! I'm recording it back at my home since I don't really have a free TV, so chances are I'm gonna hear about all the winners tonight/tomorrow morning by accident and then end up actually watching the awards show when I go home for spring break in a month or so. But yeah, I LOVE the Grammys, since I LOVE music! I want to wish all the nominees the best of luck, especially some of my favorite singers that range from Adele to Blake Shelton!

And may I also say R.I.P. to the amazingly talented Whitney Houston. We will always love you Ms. Houston.

That's all for this weekend folks! Thanks for reading! :)

X <3 O

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  1. Haha! I actually watched the Grammys from start to finish, and it was really cool! I think that you can watch it on the Grammy website