Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuney Tuesday #29: Forever (Jesse and the Rippers)

Hey guys!!! 

It's time for Tuney Tuesday number  twenty-nine!!!! :)

Here are the rules:
Tuney Tuesdays is a weekly meme that I do. It's really easy! Just:

  • Once a week, on Tuesday, choose a song that you might be really into that particular week.
  • Include a video/cover art for that single if there is one (or the button for Tuney Tuesdays that Eileen over at ***Singing and Reading in the Rain*** made.) 
  • Include the lyrics
  • Write what you like about it in a review. Or write a few sentences about how it inspires you. Or how it relates to a book that you've been reading.
  • If you don't want to do your own song, you can use the song that I've done for this week.

The song I chose to do this week is Forever by the Beach Boys. However, as amazing as the Beach Boys are, it's Jesse and the Rippers' cover of the song that I've chosen to write about. For those of you who don't know who Jesse and the Rippers are, they're a band that was created for the television show Full House. Whenever I hear this song, I tear up, because it's such a beautiful, beautiful song. I think it's also because this song always reminds me of my childhood: I used to watch Full House re-runs on Nick at Nite ALL the time when I was younger (unfortunately I didn't know the show ever existed when it was airing, and I was much too young to have actually watched it anyways). Full House is hands down one of my favorite shows, and it always will be; it's just a classic. If you haven't watched Full House, I highly recommend it: it never gets old, even now when I'm in my twenties I still find it hilarious (because it really is a funny show, as heartfelt as this song is)!

Here is Jesse and the Rippers' music video (which aired in the Full House episode "Captain Video Part 2"):
(I can't even get through this music video without tearing up, what is wrong with me?!?! Haha)

Here is another video of the song being performed on Full House. This was actually the first time Jesse sang it, at his and Rebecca's wedding (which also brings a tear to my eye):

Lyrics (courtesy of elyricsworld.com):
 If every word I said
Could make you laugh
I'd talk forever
I asked the sky just what we had
It showed forever
(together my love)
If the song I sing to you
Could fill your heart with joy
I'd sing forever
(together my love)

Forever, forever
I've been so happy loving you

(together my love)
Let the love I have for you live in your heart
And be forever
(together my love)

Forever, forever
I've been so happy loving you

If every word I said could make you laugh
I'd talk forever

Forever, forever
I've been so happy loving you

Well, that's all for this Tuney Tuesday, folks! Until next time!

X <3 O

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