Sunday, February 10, 2013

What's the Word? Weekend #29

Hey guys!!!

It's time for What's the Word? Weekend number twenty-nine!  :)

I AM SOOOOOOOOO SORRY that it's been so long since I've posted!!! The fact that this is my first post in 2013 (and it's in FEBRUARY) is crazy, and I definitely didn't mean to go this long without posting!!! I completely failed on my idea of posting more during my Winter Break! My plan was to post when I had some news for you--i.e., when I could finally say with confidence that I was doing something productive in terms of my writing, whether that was editing one of my old books, pitching one of my old books, or writing a new book. All of my vacation, I literally sat on my couch day after day, trying to come up with a story idea that I loved, that I wanted to write about and could spend (at least some of) my month and a half break working on. I wrote page after page of just random notes, from words and phrases to pages of ideas, that I thought I could/would make into a more elaborate story outline ... but nothing seemed to click, or stick. So cut to February, when I've now been back at school for a week, and I spent my whole break writing ideas but not really executing any of them.

But anyways, without any further ado, let's take a look at this weekend's news:

The Bad News: 
The bad news is that I kept you guys waiting so long for an update for me. Again, I'm really sorry!!! Hopefully some of you guys are still interested in this journey that I'm on. :)

Also, Winter Break is over, and I feel like I have nothing to show for it in terms of writing. I definitely put a little too much time into trying to produce a quality idea to write, and looking back I wish I spent more of that time studying for my finals. But what's done is done, and I'm determined to change that next year during my last college Winter Break (because it's soooo hard to be on break from school for so long then be expected to go back in remembering everything from December and before that...and not even just remember it, but be in school-mode to take exams if you know what I mean).

The Good News:
I finally have a story idea that I'm happy with!!!! :D
It's somewhat inspired by my The Zebra Stripes novel that I wrote over a year ago (during my sophomore year Winter Break funny enough). I feel like I've definitely improved as a writer since I wrote The Zebra Stripes, and I think the idea I have now will give it more of a unique spin (but not as strange and out there as the one I used with BOB). I wrote the first chapter today, and I even used a little piece of a chapter from TZS in it, which was kind of cool. So as of now, the word count is 4,657, and I still have (as of now) eight chapters to write. So hopefully by sharing this with you all in this post, I will stick with this story idea (because I have a habit of waking up the next morning after I write an idea and even the first chapter and hating it completely ... but this is the first story idea I've gotten in months that I've been confident enough in to write a WWW post about, so we'll see)!

In other news:
So I still haven't gotten my green belt in taekwondo, haha! My coach has it in his bag, and he's even shown it to me, but I can't get it until I show up to practice in my full uniform. I didn't go to practice in January (because I was home for all but one week of it, and during that week I was finishing up all the last minute studying I had), and I went to the first practice of the semester but I just watched because I was really sick (I ate some bad M&M's ... completely my fault: long story short, I went to visit the after school program I worked at in high school, and I stupidly ate some M&M's from an M&M bowl that the (germ-spreading) kids dig their hands in). The second practice I went to this past Thursday was sparring practice, where we don't wear a full uniform. So hopefully even though I was already given the certificate that says I'm a green belt, I'll have my green belt in my hands come Monday. :)
It's also a new semester of college (Spring semester of Junior year ... already!?!?!), which means new classes. I'm pretty happy with the classes I'm taking this semester, so I think that it's going to be a good semester for me. :)

Well, that's all for this weekend folks! Until next time (which hopefully won't be months this time)! :)

X <3 O
This is my year, this is my time, this is my now.

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