Sunday, April 28, 2013

What's the Word? Weekend #33

Hey guys!!!

It's time for What's the Word? Weekend number thirty-three!  :)

 So let's take a look at this weekend's news:

The Bad News: 
I don't have any really bad news. I thought I was going home next weekend (for a hospital volunteer training session), but I'm not anymore (because of a final review session and a homework due date that I'd miss if I did). I'm sad because that means I don't get to see my doggy for an extra two weeks, but at least my parents are still going to come visit me next weekend so I'm happy that I'll get to see them.

The Good News:
The new book is up and running (err, writing?)!!!
So, last time I did WWW (#32), I told you that the book had the codename Zumba Dance. As much as I still LOVE that codename, I've decided to change it to Zulu Tribe. I'm changing the codename because (1) the title of the book is different, and (2) the main character of the book is different. It's hard for me to explain point #2 without giving away what the book is about (maybe one day I'll be able to if I'm ever able to share my book with the world), but I will say that this technically doesn't count as starting over on a new idea because I just spent the last two days rewriting the first four chapters (well five if you count the chapter I deleted) of Zumba Dance to make them work in Zulu Tribe. It was really hard for me to rewrite those chapters, because when I was finished, my word count dropped significantly--I had to delete the second chapter of Zumba Dance because it didn't fit in Zulu Tribe, so the word count dropped from a little over 20,000 words to 14,287 words (where I am now). It's heartbreaking for me when I have to delete even one sentence from a story (sometimes even just one word) let alone a whole chapter, so it was sad to see the old chapter two of Zumba Dance have to go. BUT, I feel like I'm in a good place with Zulu Tribe, and I'm excited that having now gotten through rewriting the first five chapters, I can now go on to just plain writing the following chapters. So yeah, despite it being REALLY early in the morning right now where I am (because I was determined to finish rewriting, even if that meant staying up ALL night...which is probably why I'm kind of rambling in this WWW post; it's funny how I tend to write more on these posts when I'm tried...sorry, I'll stop rambling now), I'm super pumped to start chapter five when I wake up (technically later today I guess).

In other news:
So I didn't tell you guys this, but for MONTHS (like since January, if not December), it's been EXTREMELY hot in my dorm room. Of course this was okay for me during the winter months of January and February, and even March, since it was pretty cold outside and I needed heat... but once we got into April, and even those few hot days we had in March, the heat in my room got out of control. Like, it got to the point where they're be multiple nights where I'd wake up SWEATING. I have a fan (which stopped working, so I had to go without one for a week until my parents brought me a new one, which is a whole other stress I had), but that wasn't really helping too much (my new fan is a lot stronger). I also have a window, which I had to have open while I was sleeping so that the chances of me sweating while I slept significantly dropped. But then I had the problem of the fact that right outside my window is a truck stop where garbage trucks and delivery trucks like to honk and beep their horns and rev their engines and make other strange noises while I'm trying to sleep between the hours of 6 and 10 AM. So I would open my window, and then wake up and close my window because the trucks would wake me up, but then I'd wake up again to open the window because it was too hot, and this would go on and on until my alarm clock went off and it was time to wake up for class. So yeah, I really picked a winner of a dorm room, didn't I...
At first I felt bad about wanting to call someone to come fix it, only because I'm fortunate enough to live in a building that has air conditioning, while I know other students on campus aren't, so I didn't want to sound snobbish, like I was demanding AC (especially since there was a small voice in the back of my head saying that I was probably just overacting about how hot it was and that the AC would turn on soon). But then after I few months of sweating it out (and getting tired of not sleeping well), I realized, (a) it's okay to ask someone to fix something that's broken, even if other people don't have it and (b) more importantly, there is a difference between not having AC and having additional heat actually blow into your room! So yeah, this past Thursday I finally emailed someone about the heat/airing system problem I was having. I asked to schedule the appointment if they needed to come to my room (because they specifically ask if you'd like to schedule an appointment, and last time I need maintenance to fix something they did schedule it), so imagine my surprise when two maintenance guys knocked on my door at 11:30AM Friday morning (which I'm sure some of you will think isn't that early but (1) someone pulled the fire alarm at 4AM that night so I didn't sleep all that great Thursday night, (2) I'd stayed up writing Zulu Tribe so I hadn't gotten much sleep anyway, and (3) if I had class on Friday they might have just gone into my room without my knowing)! But anyways, they came to my room and fixed my heating/AC(so I was completely right that something was wrong with the heating system)--it took them about an hour or so to do, and they were really nice guys (saying that I was crazy for waiting that long, and that I should get an award for surviving in the heat for so long).
So yeah, now I'm sitting here in my COLD dorm room, writing this story to share with you. The moral of this story is CALL SOMEONE ASAP TO FIX THE AC! DON'T BE DUMB AND WAIT LIKE IT DID!

Well, that's all for this weekend folks! Until next time! :)

X <3 O
This is my year, this is my time, this is my now.

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