Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Birthday 2012

Hey guys,

This is a post just to let you guys know that I'm celebrating my 20th birthday today. I know I should sound A LOT more excited, but I honestly chalk this one up as being the worst birthday yet.

First I was up until 7AM doing homework (that's due Tuesday, but I have so much to do the rest of this week I pretty much needed to get it done early). That wasn't so bad though (especially since I started after 2AM, which was my fault), because I've done this before.

Then I planned to go and vote (because I THOUGHT I was registered in my hometown). So I stayed up until 8AM, when my town's Town Hall opens, and went to go vote with my dad. But then when I get there, they said that I wasn't registered! I was so ticked off to say the least. When I was 16, and I got my license, the person at the DMV asked me if I was gonna be old enough to vote in the next election (which I am) and if I wanted to register to vote I said yes, checked off a box and they supposedly registered me. But I guess that was a lie, and I'd been waiting years and years to finally be able to vote and now I can't. I wanted to vote in every election that I'm eligible, but now I can't. It's just .... UGH it's SOOOO annoying!!!! I know I should have checked if I was registered, and I know that they'll be another election (because I can't vote in this one since I just registered today), but still ... what a terrible way to "enjoy" my 20th birthday.

The only good thing that's happened to me today is I submitted two stories to hopefully get selected to be in my college's literary magazine. I still have no idea whether I'll get picked, but at least I was able to edit those stories and ship them off.

I also got a lot of birthday messages from my friends, which I'm SOOO grateful for! Unfortunately I've only gotten like, half of the number I got last year (on Facebook I mean), but I think that's what happens when your birthday is the day after Halloween and your friends are still maybe recovering from the parties ... plus the devastation from Hurricane Sandy and people still not having power. I was hoping to pass the number of birthday well-wishes that I got last year though ... but seriously, I'm SO happy that I got the messages I did (and some of them were REALLY special because of what people said and who said them). So on the odd chance that any of my friends are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY POSTS!!!!!!!!!

And my mom is bringing home take-out and a cake, so that's always good.

So now that I look at this, there actually were a few things that went right today.

Anyway, hopefully next year ... and next voting year ... I'll have a more exciting birthday post.
But I'm still grateful to have lived two whole decades thus far.

Until next time.

X <3 O

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