Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Special Elections 2012 Song Post (Congrats Obama!!!)

Hey guys!

So I know it's technically Wednesday already (where I live), but it's still Election Day in some parts of the country (plus, the results of the 2012 Elections only came out a couple hours ago), so I figured that this would be the PERFECT time to do a special America version of Tuney Tuesday (well sorta ... I really just wanted to post up a couple songs that represent American pride)!

So HAPPY (belated) ELECTION DAY!!!!!

Congrats to our current, and future, President Barack Obama on winning the 2012 election and getting re-elected! I'm definitely proud to be an American. Unfortunately I myself couldn't vote personally (see my 2012 Birthday post if you want to know why), but my mom kindly voted for me in my place (I told her who I'd wanted to vote for). Fortunately Obama won my state by a lot anyway, but still ... I wished I would have gotten to vote myself. But I think it's great that this election was able to show that people (in my opinion) are now starting to vote for who they think would be a fit president, and it's not based on race or anything like that (if anything, the only thing that would sway who someone voted for was the political party they belonged to, not what they looked like, you know?). Of course that may not be true for everyone, but I love that America is moving forward.

Anyway, I just really wanted to post these two songs (it's really late for me to be doing a review, but I think you know why I picked them and why I love them from what I wrote above ... I love the USA!!!!!). Hope you enjoy them!!!

On a more sentimental note: God Bless the USA (American Idol Season 2)

On a more upbeat note: Party in the U.S.A. (Miley Cyrus)!!!

That's all for today, folks!! :D

X <3 O

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