Thursday, October 25, 2012

Follow Me Friday #24

Hey everyone!!! :)

It's time for Follow Friday number twenty-four!!!

Let's take a look at this week's question:

Question: What writing device or trick most irritates you when reading a book? For example, if an author employs an omnipotent narrator that is sometimes considered bad form.

Answer:  Switching between POV's in some novels bothers me. Like, it's kind of hard to explain why this bothers me, because in some books I really like it ... I think it depends on the book (like, what it's about). Like sometimes, when I'm reading, I really enjoy the POV of one character, and I want to keep reading the book from their POV ... and maybe read the other character's POV afterwards as like a different book, as opposed to switching back and forth. But it really does depend on the book, what it's about, and how well it's executed. So yeah....

Also, I'm a really, REALLY big fan of dialogue, so books that have pages, and pages, and pages, and pages, (and pages) of just pure exposition start to get....not boring but, I can feel myself losing focus and dosing off. I know that sounds really horrible, and it definitely doesn't happen with all books I read with a lot of exposition (like, this makes sense in diary-formatted books, and I really like that). But there are some books where I wish I just got to the action a little sooner if that makes sense, because the narrator's point already came across pages ago. So yeah, it's not that I dislike exposition, it's just that some books could use a little more action and/or dialogue and less exposition---but that's just my personal opinion and my personal taste.

I don't know .... hopefully my answer makes sense.... :/

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Midterms are over and it's finally FALL BREAK for me!
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  1. Hopping through. I don't mind multiple points of view. I just don't like it when the change it too abrupt.
    My Hop

  2. Yes. I totally agree about the POV's lol. New follower!

    - Cindy

  3. I agree with switching POVs. It bothers me, as well. Especially if it drops into an annoying cliffhanger.
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    Have a great day!
    Old follower. :)

  4. Your response makes perfect sense. Multiple points of views can be annoying. Especially when it isn't done well. For example, when it is done so often that I can't connect with any character, it's too much.

  5. I often find with POVs that there'll be some I enjoy more than others, so I read through the others really quickly to get to the ones I enjoy. It works though, cos I read the book ;)
    I love the POVs in the series 'A Song of Ice and Fire' - it works so well in that context.
    Rinn (My FF)

  6. That seriously bugs me too! Awesome layout! :)

    New Follower! My FF @ Pink Fluffy Hearts

  7. I love books with great dialogue, but when nothing ever happens it gets boring. For me, the perfect book has some action in it! :)

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  8. Exactly what I dislike too! I hate switching POVs, I am just warming up to the character and you're throwing a new one at me again? Totally cruel, man. I hate switching especially with third person POV, they just shift so easily because they are not really talking from the character's head and I sometimes struggle to figure out exactly whose thought was it that I just read. Totally a kill joy.

    I don't really enjoy a lot of dialogues, I think about ten at a time is all I can take, otherwise I feel like the dialogue is excessive and I am reading a script, not a novel. So yeah, totally get where you are coming from here ;)

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  9. Yeah switching POVs with no indicator of who's speaking drives me crazy too! I spend forever trying to find out who's talking and then we move onto the next narrator!

    Although I can admit that switching POVs can be done well. It just needs some clear indicators so there won't be any confusion!

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

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  10. New follower here! I agree with you about good dialogue! I recently read a book that I just did not care for. At first I couldn't figure out what it was that I didn't like. Then, I realized there was almost no dialogue! It definitely felt like something was missing and the whole thing fell flat.
    Happy Reading!
    Cherie Reads

  11. I've read some books that have made different PoVs work for them. Case in point, Pushing the Limits & Defiance. Check them out!
    I haven't really come across books with realms of dialogues.. good for me. Excess of anything can be bad.
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  12. I don't mind changing POV's as long as they are done well, sometimes it can really pick up the pace of a story while at other times it just gets distracting and confusing.
    I find prolonged exposition irritating too.
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    Iona @

  13. Hopping by, nice answer.