Sunday, March 11, 2012

What's the Word? Weekend #7

Hey guys!

It's time for another What's the Word? Weekend!!!! :D

I kinda like the set-up I had last week with the good news and the bad news, so I think I'm gonna try to stick to that. :)

The Bad News:
So I am VERY happy to say that I don't have any bad news this week. YAY! :)

The Good News:
I have some GREAT news actually! :D

1) I emailed the agent who's had my full, saying The Zebra Stripes may be more of an upper middle grade / teen novel, and she said that it's totally fine! To be honest, after reading comments from other writers who are/were querying agents, I didn't expect anything less from her though; she's REALLY nice and I've heard nothing but great things about her. But yeah, while there's still no word on whether she likes my manuscript or not, I'm just happy that she's okay with it. :)

2) On Friday (3/9/12) I received ... ANOTHER FULL REQUEST!!! :D
I was so beside myself when I read that email (and I was in my history lecture when I opened it, so it was hard for me to keep it together ... but somehow I did haha)! So yeah, I'm SUPER happy about it; and I queried him saying it was an upper middle grade / teen novel ... AND he'd already read the first fifteen or so pages when he requested the full, so hopefully he likes the entire book!

That's all for this WWW folks! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!! :D

X <3 O
This is my year, this is my time, this is my now.
(I've totally been forgetting to use my new quote at the end of my posts, so I'll start using it now.) :)


  1. congrats! would love to know about the book! Must be good!
    Good luck on it!

    1. Thank you so much Aai! :)

      I don't want to share anything about the book yet, but I'm VERY excited for when I do! You have no idea!!! :D
      Haha hopefully the book's good ... good enough to where people want to read it anyway.

  2. I'd love to know more about your book. I've opted for self-publishing instead of going the traditional route :D but I wish you all the luck in the world!


    1. Thank you Joseph!
      Hopefully you can know more about it soon (that is, once it's closer to actually getting published).
      I haven't really considered self-publishing yet; I want to explore all my options with the traditional route first :)

  3. Oh my gosh congratulations! I'm so happy for you! I think that you'll definitely get there! If this one agent doesn't like it, which I seriously doubt, then I bet that other agent will love it! Still crossing my fingers for you!

    1. Thanks Eileen!
      Haha, you're always the optimistic (which I LOVE)!
      My fingers and toes are crossed too!!! :D