Saturday, March 24, 2012

What's the Word? Weekend #9

Hey guys! :)

It's time for What's the Word? Weekend number nine!

So the news I have for this weekend is ... :

The Bad News:
I got a few more query rejections (surprise, surprise haha).
Also, Spring Break is pretty much over for me. :(
I go back to school this Sunday. I guess the upside to that is: I only have six more weeks of classes (and then like three weeks after that until finals are done ... and then SUMMER!!!!).

The Good News:
This past Wednesday morning (3/21/12), I received ANOTHER FULL request!!!!
This is so awesome guys! Like I seriously didn't even think that I'd get ONE request for this book, like at all, but to now I have FOUR?!?!?!?! I'm so excited, and shocked, and in awe, and amazed, and, and ... yeah, I'm over the moon to say the least!!! Just knowing that four agents have shown interest in reading my manuscript (even if they all end up rejecting it) makes me SOOOO happy!!!! :D
What's different about this particular agent is that they say on their website that they usually respond to queries within two weeks if they're interested. Now mind you, I queried them back on February 29th ... so it was definitely an AWESOME surprise to find a request in my email when I woke up. I've actually been told by an author who's represented by this agency that they have been very busy with responding to queries and requests ever since the new year began, which is why they are a little behind, which totally makes sense (and this author also advised that I probably wait like six weeks before I check-in with them about my full, if necessary, so I definitely don't mind waiting!!!). I think this goes to show that you shouldn't count a literary agency out right away, even if the allotted time has passed and they are a "no response = no" kind of agency. Sometimes agents are just really busy and get behind a little, and I think this experience really helped me learn that that's true (well this one, and my receiving a rejection to a query on my first book that I sent MONTHS ago haha).
This agent is also awesome because they got one of the queries I sent when I still was saying that my novel was a YA novel (well kinda ... I put "YA" in the subject line of the email and then left it out of the query letter itself, which I'm kinda pleased about now haha). At first this worried me (because I instantly thought of the agent who requested the partial (first three chapters) from me and ultimately rejected it because she felt it was more MG than YA) ... but then I read on to see that she had already read the first three chapters (because that's what the query submission required: a letter and the first three chapters), and that she'd love to see the full! So it's SUPER good news because (a) I know that she represents both MG and YA; and (b) regardless of whether my book leans more towards the MG side of the YA side, she still loved it enough to want to see more!!!

So yeah, I REALLY can't believe that I'm getting full request guys!!!! Like seriously!!!!
Hopefully the distractions of school (ie: finishing up my sophomore year strong) and extracurricular activities that I take part in will help me not think about them too much.

Well, that's all for this weekend folks! Time for bed (after I finish some of the homework I have due the Monday after break)!!!

X <3 O
This is my year, this is my time, this is my now.

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